August 16, 2023
August 28, 2023

Welcome to Nifty Stitched, I’m so excited that you’re here!

My name is Megan and I have had several sewing influences throughout my life, although my own passion for this artistic outlet didn’t really set in about six years ago.

The first project I completed was a pair of pyjama pants, which my grandmother helped me make. As a seamstress, she had been sewing for many years and had taught my mother the trade. Eventually I was introduced to the trade at a very young age. After that my sewing went on a hiatus for many years as I focused on my other hobbies such as playing soccer as well as my education. After sustaining a soccer ending injury, my mother set up a sewing project for me in order to distract me from missing sports. The satisfaction I felt completing that first dress was exhilarating and compelled me to learn and create more projects. It took a lot of time, effort and many mistakes for me to gain a better grasp of sewing, material, and how clothes are put together. My seam ripper saw a lot of action those first few projects! My second project was a complete toss away as the size and material were all wrong for me and the dress pattern I had chosen.

I also realized that I could rarely find styles or sizes that fit me in stores due to the fact that I’m a little taller than average and I appreciate being a bit more on the modest side. Growing up I always felt that I had to match the styles of all of the other girls around me. Most of the girls I knew wore short dresses and skirts. This worked for them, however, being taller than average meant that dresses which were short on other girls rarely covered me fully. I always felt self-conscious and uncomfortable. After high school I became very invested in my sewing and it helped me to come out of my shell. In high school I had panic attacks choosing clothing because I was so anxious people would judge me based on what I was wearing. Sewing was such a release and confidence builder for me. After spending countless hours on a project I realized that I owed it to myself to wear the projects I completed. I pushed myself to wear the things I made because I had put so much effort into them.

These days I tend to prefer wearing the things I have made. I feel much more comfortable and excited wearing my projects. I am learning to understand my body and how different shapes and silhouettes flatter my figure and others don’t. I can admit I am not always one hundred percent satisfied with my body, however, sewing has allowed me to respect and appreciate my body a lot more.

While I will try to share as much knowledge as I can about this wonderful hobby (and career for some), I must admit that my knowledge is a combination of being self-taught, learning family tips and tricks, and googling or youtubing the rest. I have no professional training and am continually learning new things. If anyone has questions or suggestions of alternative methods, I am open to hearing them! I have found that the sewing community is very welcoming and ready to help others and I’d love to carry through the same sense of community here. Sewing has been my release and I hope it can be one for you as well! Enjoy the process, even if there are some errors along the way. In life, a lot can be learned through mistakes.